5 Tips to save on Dental Costs

by admin on June 15, 2009

Dental treatment is known to be very expensive in the United States, in Europe and Australia. It is a necessary cost in order to maintain dental health and if only one could save money on dental treatment costs, it would make so much of a difference to one’s budget. It is said that saving money is one way of becoming rich; so why not save a little in dental treatment costs and add to your savings ?

There are many options available for you to choose from, in order to reduce your dentist bills. They are described in brief herein. Do read each option carefully and decide which one will work best for you.

  • 1. Dental insurance – this is an insurance plan that you subscribe to, or pay a premium for, in order to recover any dental health expenses. It works quite like medical insurance, where the amount that will be reimbursed to you will be decided depending on the plan you have chosen and the amount of premium you choose to pay.

    There are many packages that various companies offer- family coverage, individual coverage etc. If you choose your insurance provider carefully, you can save up to $2000/- annually on dentist’s bills. Isn’t that a substantial amount to add to your savings?

    Additionally, if your company or your employer offers dental care benefits, then you would be very fortunate. Dental insurance benefits the company as well as the employees.

  • 2. Dental tourism: this is an upcoming trend like medical tourism. As it is a well known fact that dental treatment is very expensive in the United States and in Europe and Australia, many people are choosing to travel to Asian countries to get their oral hygiene and dental care requirements met. There are many benefits to this, one is that you get to travel and see new places and simultaneously get your teeth taken care of.

    Secondly the cost of traveling and dental bills still works out to be economical as compared to getting your dental care in the USA or Europe or Australia. Plus there is the added advantage of getting excellent qualified experts at more economical rates in Asian counties. These dentists have international acclaim. If you opt for dental tourism, you can save up to $300 on a dental filling and almost $2500/- for a root canal treatment.

  • 3. Free dental care options: this is a little bit of a misnomer because though they are labelled free, these dental treatment options do cost you some money, but the amount is very less and thus very economical, and so practical that it looks like it is free. This also may be a charity organization where only the low income group people or people with HIV or some other disease are treated; or payment could be requested inform of a donation.
  • 4. Sleep dentistry: this is a roundabout way of saving costs. The treatment method used is such that the patient is sedated during the treatment and so feels no pain before, during and after the dental treatment procedure. Thus they end up saving themselves the cost of painkillers and lost time at work due to painful dental procedures.
  • 5. Dental plans that offer discounts: there are easy to use options as compared to dental insurance plans. Using these discount plans, you can save from 20% to 60% on most dental treatments, be they restorative or cosmetic.

    If you register for a discount dental plan, you will gain access to a whole network of dental care experts, who may even offer you cosmetic or other types of treatments at discounted rates. With this kind of an option, you start saving your money almost immediately.
    So choose your options and begin saving right away!

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Dr David Stall June 16, 2009 at 7:56 pm

I must take issue with your 5 tips to save on dental costs. Let’s take them one at a time. #1- dental insurance is not at all like medical insurance, but is really only a supplement to help pay a small portion of the costs of dental care. Most plans allow no more than $1000/year per person. This allowance has not changed in over 40 years! Most employers are heavily cutting back on these plans and the coverage is terrible. #2- Dental Tourism is a nightmare and for you to recommend it to anyone is beyond belief. Many people who have gone overseas or to Mexico for treatment have certainly saved money up front only to find the work was worse than substandard and had to be redone at a high cost and with many complications. This has been documented many times. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR is very true. #3- Free dental care-only thing you said I can come close to agreeing with. Few and far between and hard to find. #4- Sleep dentistry is a godsend for phobics and people who cannot take the time for multiple visits. BUT you cannot state that there is no pain. If something would hurt without sedation, it will hurt with sedation after the procedure. During sedation, pain is eliminated as it would be without sedation by using local anesthetics. Saving money with sedation is usually not true because the person being sedated has waited so long to seek dental care that the procedures required are more complex and time consuming thus increasing costs. #5- Discount dental plans are again a GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR type of situation. Most if not all of the best dentists avoid these plans because they do not cover the actual operating costs to provide the treatment. What kind of care do you really expect to get at cut rate prices?

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