Bile Acids used for Dental Fillings

by admin on June 15, 2009

Technology today is truly advancing by leaps and bounds especially in the field of dentistry.
Currently materials made from mercury or plastic are used to fill up cavities in teeth. These are raising concerns among people as they could prove to be toxic to the human body.

In their ongoing research, Scientists in Canada and China have developed an enduring material using human bile acids. They hope that this material can be used to fill dental cavities. Bile acids, as we learnt in school, are body substances that the liver produces in order to help in the digestion of fats. Bile acids produced by the liver are stored in the gallbladder.

The description of the process in which these researchers collected human bile acids and proceeded to convert these acids into sturdy, tough, durable plastic kind of material that is hard and resistant to cracking, has appeared in an article in ACS (Applied Materials & Interfaces). This article also states that the newly developed material using human bile acids is much better at resisting cracking than the other materials that are currently in use.

The team of scientists working on this development are at the department of chemistry in the Shanxi University in China. They are led by Julian Zhu. They stated that this new material certainly seems stronger and longer lasting. They added that this material with its capacity to resist cracking, will certainly reduce the number of emergency visits to the dentist that could result due to cracked fillings which are rather painful.

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Karen Vinci August 9, 2009 at 11:00 pm

Hello, I have 3 collection bags that collect 600cc’s (20.28 pints) of bile each day. I currently dump the bile down the drain. I would love to sell my human bile for science research.

Please contact me. I live in Alamo Calif. Thank you, Karen Vinci

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