How Does Candy And Snacks Affect Our Teeth

by admin on July 15, 2009

Eating candy, toffee, snacks and munchies can cause teeth to decay because of the cultivated starches that get stuck between the teeth and in turn cause periodontal disease. This type of fast food that remain in the mouth for long intervals cause bacteria to grow which forms acidic and then decay the teeth and the gums.

How do we know when food can affect our teeth causing bacteria?

We would be able to make out when food is stuck between teeth when even after some a long time we can get the taste of that food or can feel it around. This is bad because it has already caused the bacteria to thrive.

What are the consequences of eating Fast Food in Children?

Children are the first to bear the brunt of fast foods especially if their life revolves around it. The outcomes, which not only affects teeth but also overall health in daily life are:

  • Food that gets stuck in between teeth causes tooth decay leading to endless pain.
  • Their school life gets affected with this pain disturbing their concentration and hindering their learning capacity.
  • Eating too much of this food, which lacks nutritive value, can result in obesity, diabetes (Type 2) and problems related to the heart.
  • All these factors can worsen over time causing acute tooth infection.
  • For growing children, fast food which lacks nutrition and does not have enough calcium causes harmful effects on new teeth coming in which could be unhealthy and lack strength.
  • Lack of nutrition and calcium can cause weak bones and ion deficiency could result in stunted brain development.

Healthy habits to follow

Our body requires the necessary amounts of calcium, ion and nutrients to grow. To achieve this development a healthy balance of food is required. Home cooked food is the healthiest for children and economical.

Eating good home cooked food does not require lots of money. In the first place it is healthy, nourishing, wholesome and cheap if cooked in large quantities for the whole family as compared to any outdoor eatery where the quality may be questioned and the quantity limited.

A diet full of fruits and vegetables is the ideal diet. The more colorful they are the more nutritious they can be. So, the right amount of healthy food and the minimum amount of processed foods or packaged foods, as they contain preservatives, should be consumed. Before buying any processed foods it is better to check the ingredients listed on the package. A list with more preservatives should be avoided.

Teaching a child when he or she is small is very important. What he learns to eat at this age will be carried on till he grows up. Therefore it is imperative to start healthy food early in life. A child has also to be made aware that processed foods have preservatives which are not good, they should be kept to the minimum and should not be eaten as a substitute to food.

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