Does dental care prevent heart attacks?

by admin on June 10, 2009

How can teeth, a part of the body so relatively insignificant, that it can even be pulled out almost at will, have an effect on one of the most important and almost irreplaceable body parts – the heart?

For decades, most scientists and reflexology practitioners have argued how each part of your body is connected to others, and how proper treatment of some of the most unnoticed body parts can have huge benefits on the most invaluable ones. Being one of the most complex systems in the world it is invariable that there are little known links within the body.

This is true when it comes to teeth as well. Professor Howard Jenkinson of the Bristol University, along with the Royal College of Surgeons, has identified the link between poor dental health and heart disease through their studies.

The risks of poor dental care

The mouth has almost 700 different types of bacteria living in it. Some bacteria are the harmful kind. But, there are harmless bacteria as well. These bacteria help in breaking down food particles. Every time you eat, drink or even open your mouth the numbers of bacteria in your mouth increase. Through regular brushing and proper dental care the bacteria are kept under control.

However, improper dental care can result in gum infections, gingivitis and similar oral diseases. This causes the harmful bacteria to enter the blood stream. Streptococcus gordonii and Streptococcus sanguinis are some of the bacteria causing oral infections. Such bacteria have been identified to be factors resulting in heart disease.

How to prevent heart disease

It has been the case that certain antibiotics do not seem to work against heart disease. It is possible that oral bacteria could be the reason. Professor Jenkinson and Dr Steve Kerringan are working to find a solution to this. Until such time, prevention of oral diseases and maintaining proper dental hygiene and care is the best possible method in protecting yourself.

Regular brushing, especially after meals, is the main method of keeping mouth disease at bay. Protection can be further enhanced by the use of dental care products such as anti-bacterial sprays and mouthwash. This will help to prevent against oral bacterial diseases. In turn, this would also protect against one of the causes of heart attacks.

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