Photodynamic Bleaching – Useful In Removing Tooth Stains

by admin on June 2, 2009

Photodynamic bleaching is the new type of treatment proven to be successful in the removal of tough stains from teeth. Stains caused by tetracycline are rigid making it very difficult to remove by laser or conventional treatment. This is where photodynamic bleaching comes handy.

In photodynamic bleaching a whitening gel is applied on the stained tooth. This tooth is then kept under the laser light for just two minutes for it to start acting on the tooth. A study conducted on a small group showed that this process is very successful, showing an 80 percent improvement.

Lasers can, to some extent, remove stains caused by coffee or food but not tetracycline. Tetracycline causes dark stains on teeth affecting the enamel. This drug should be avoided especially if pregnant and is not prescribed to children as their teeth are still developing. Earlier dentists used to cover the tetracycline affected tooth with veneer which had the same color as the normal tooth.

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